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Mark Schollen, Schollen et Cie

INFRA 2013

19e édition
2 au 4 décembre 2013
Centre des congrès, Québec

Conférencier: Mark Schollen, Schollen et Cie

La présentation est en langue anglaise.

An exploration of built projects that integrate Low Impact Development (L.I.D.) and sustainable stormwater management techniques with an emphasis on challenges encountered during design and construction. A number of precedent-setting case studies will be discussed including public and private sector initiatives comprising commercial, institutional and municipal projects. Fundamentals of the ‘Integrated Design Approach’ as an essential methodology to facilitate the conception and exploration of viable technical solutions will be discussed. Issues related to the long-term operation and maintenance of L.I.D. technologies will be identified and solutions deployed to address these issues will be presented. The presentation is aimed at inspiring innovative design and assisting practitioners by providing solutions to address specific design and construction challenges.


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