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INFRA 2013

19e édition
2 au 4 décembre 2013
Centre des congrès, Québec

Conférencier: Chris Macey, AECOM

La présentation est en langue anglaise et est intitulée Investigations into CIPP Liners with Over 30 years of Service in Winnipeg

The City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada has a sewer system that services approximately 700,000 people.  As the City was over 250,000 before 1920, much of its sewer inventory has been at an advanced state of deterioration for some time.  As a result it commenced sewer rehabilitation with cured in place pipe (CIPP) in its first trial installations in 1978, one of the earliest installations of CIPP in North America.  A trial rehabilitation method initially, the program increased in frequency from a project every couple of years in the 1980's to annual trials in the 1990's.  By 1998, the annual Sewer Condition Upgrading Program was transformed and CIPP evolved from a trial rehabilitation technology to a competitively bid technology that has carried out approximately 75% of the annual rehabilitation program from 1998 to date. 

This presentation presents the results of physical testing and visual inspections of three CIPP installations that were originally carried out in Winnipeg in 1978 (2 sites) and 1984 (1 site).  The testing and assessment ofthese three sites represent some of the longest term tests carried out on CIPP anywhere on earth.  There are older CIPP liners, but previous long term testing documented in literature is limited to testing after 30 years of service for CIPP liners installed in the United Kingdom.

The 1978 installations included a 5.40 m deep liner with DR of 127 (the current ASTM F1216 recommended maximum DR is 100), while the 1984 installation was designed closer to modern day standards but on a host pipe that was 8.2 m deep.  The presentation, therefore, additionally provides an overview of the evolution of CIPP design for gravity service and some insight into the actual applied loads on the liners.These installations are excellent examples of exemplary long term performance of CIPP liners under significant applied loads.  As the base resins used are essentially the same as modern day unfilled isophthalic polyester resins, the work provides considerable insight into the longevity of properly installed CIPP products.


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