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Bernie Krzys, Benjamin Media

INFRA 2013

19e édition
2 au 4 décembre 2013
Centre des congrès, Québec

Conférencier: Bernie Krzys, Benjamin Media

Cette présentation est en langue anglaise.

The trenchless technology industry dates back to about 1990 when the term was first used. HDD and auger boring represented the initial focus in referencing the industry. Water/wastewater has been and still is a major element of the industry. The market has evolved into other market segments, such as drinking water pipelines and oil & gas, as many new trenchless methods have been developed. And previous construction disciplines, like sewer cleaning and manhole restoration have found a home under the trenchless banner. Many new companies have entered this market, there have been strategic and financial mergers, and the early 2000’s downturn in HDD work caused numerous companies to go out of business. Is the trenchless market at a plateau or is there much growth to come? All this will be discussed. 


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