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INFRA 2013

19e édition
2 au 4 décembre 2013
Centre des congrès, Québec

Conférencier: Doug Manarin, City of Vancouver

La présentation est en langue anglaise.

The City of Vancouver’s Engineering Services recently implemented an integrated work management system to track work activities, and formed an Infrastructure Management Group (IMG) to develop and implement a full life cycle planning strategy for the City’s public works infrastructure assets (approx. $14 Billion replacement value). The IMG has developed a framework for an integrated approach to optimization of asset investment decisions within this system. The framework was developed based on best practice guides including the International Infrastructure Management Manual, Canada’s Infraguide, NRC’s Municipal Infrastructure Investment Planning and others. It focusses on creating a consistent approach to asset management for the various components of the City’s public works infrastructure, including roads and streets, water and sewer and other transportation related assets that have traditionally been managed and maintained separately or in isolation of one another. The first step of the process focused on street pavement assets as a case study/pilot initiative. This provided an opportunity to develop procedures and protocols in preparation for expanding the approach to all public works assets. 

The presentation will review the decision making strategies that have been applied to demonstrate how the implementation of a work management/tracking system coupled with establishing asset management best practice methodologies has enhanced asset investment decision making. Improved asset information is being used for the development of an innovative life cycle cost and risk/criticality approach to multiple-criteria decision making. Using the concepts level of service, performance of assets, quantification of the benefits, and costs of maintenance and rehabilitation, options can be assessed over the life cycle of the infrastructure.


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