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Amin Hammad, Concordia University

Congrès INFRA 2020

30 novembre au 2 décembre - Édition virtuelle

Biographie du conférencier

Amin Hammad is a Full Professor at the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering in Montreal, Canada. His current research interests are in the areas of automation in construction and infrastructure systems. The research aims to improve productivity and safety on construction sites and the sustainability of infrastructure systems by developing new methods using artificial intelligence, distributed sensing, real-time simulation and resource optimization. He edited one book and published six book chapters and more than 250 papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

Résumé de conférence

Utilities provide essential services that are imperative to economic and social development. Large amounts of data are generated from the intervention activities. Considering a holistic approach to asset management, it is important to collect, manage, and interpret the data in a meaningful way. This research proposes the use of visual analytics in the interpretation and visualization of an inventory of data collected from several sources including annual average daily traffic (AADT), intervention plan, emergency repair data, water pipe breakage data, sewer pipe network, CSEM, Info-Excavation data, request for excavation permits, etc. The aim is to analyze and determine the relationships between the datasets in a visual manner. Analyzing these relationships has the potential to improve coordinated utility intervention, reduce the socio-economic impact of intervention activities, increase asset lifespan, optimize intervention cost, etc. Furthermore, a 3D visualization of the underground space could offer an insight into the spaghetti-like nature of the utilities buried underground and help utility owners in exploring sustainable alternatives to utility asset management.


Enhancing Asset Management Support Through Visual Analytics
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