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David Hein, Applied Research Associates, Inc.

Congrès INFRA 2019

2 au 4 décembre

Biographie du conférencier

Mr. Hein is a principal engineer with Applied Research Associates in Toronto.  He has devoted over 3 decades of his career to roadway engineering and transportation asset management.  Mr. Hein is a member of the World Road Association Asset Management Committee as well as the past President of the American Society of Civil Engineers Transportation and Development Institute.  He led the team that completed a review of the transportation asset management practices for 30 Canadian provincial, municipal and private sector agencies resulting in the TAC Synthesis of Asset Management Best Practices for Canada.  Recently, he completed a Best Practices for Pothole Repairs for Canada for TAC including the review of best practices for 28 Canadian and European roadway agencies. 

Résumé de conférence

This Guide was developed to identify current Canadian agency practices with respect to pothole repair and outline best practices from both Canadian and international agencies.  Recommendations are provided for appropriate temporary and long-term patching strategies for spring, summer and winter and for evaluating and selecting appropriate patching products that will lead to the improved performance of chip seal and asphalt surfaced roadways for Canadian climate conditions.  The best way to treat a pothole is prevent it from happening in the first place.  Pothole management should include an assessment of the type and timing of pavement maintenance, preservation and rehabilitation treatments through use of the agency’s pavement construction history and pavement management data.The Guide also provides recommended procedures for the evaluation of new patching products and their compatibility with native road surfaces.

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Best Practices for Pothole Repairs in Canada
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