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John Green, Anglian Water Services Ltd

Congrès INFRA 2019

2 au 4 décembre

Biographie du conférencier


John has over 14 years experience in a variety of asset management roles with Anglian Water, the largest water and wastewater company in England by geographic area, serving c6m people, and consistent frontier performer in the industry. He’s currently responsible for their Risk, Opportunity & Value and investment processes, which drive collaborative, best value asset investment decisions. He’s previously led AW to becoming one of the first companies in the World to achieve ISO55001 certification. John chairs the Institute of Asset Management’s NxtGen committee, providing a platform for those new to asset management to grow their careers through tailored events, products and services. An expert facilitator, John’s passion lies in helping organisations and their people maximise value in everything they do, to ultimately achieve their strategic objectives and deliver outstanding service to their customers and stakeholders.

Résumé de conférence


Many of us work in a challenging and often uncertain environment and the more value we can deliver from our investments the more we can meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders; customers, regulators, shareholders and partners. This engaging presentation will get to the heart of asset management by exploring how we can truly make best value asset investment decisions, both in terms of the processes and the people. We'll explore the principles and key components of processes that drive maximum value including; data, understanding risk, root cause analysis, creativity and whole life costing. However, great processes will only take us so far, to truly drive industry leading best value we need to collaborate, bring our people together and create new thinking. We'll explore some tools and techniques that you can take away to help make this happen.


Best value, collaborative asset investment decisions
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