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Susheel Arora, Halifax Water
Shawn Rowe, Halifax Water

INFRA 2014
1er au 3 décembre, Palais des Congrès, Montréal

Accès gratuit à la présentation PowerPoint (version anglaise)

Titre anglais : Halifax Waters Pilot Wet Weather Management Program

Biographies des conférenciers : Susheel Arora et Shawn Rowe. Halifax Water

Susheel Arora, ing., is the Director of Wastewater & Stormwater Services for Halifax Water.  He has been involved with water and wastewater treatment for over 15 years.  Susheel is responsible for the overall operations of wastewater collection, treatment, and biosolids management for the Halifax region.   He is an active member of Engineers Nova Scotia and has two Masters Degrees; one in Environmental Engineering and the other in Applied Sciences.  Susheel is also a graduate of the General Management Program from Harvard Business School. Susheel is a member of various water and wastewater professional organizations such as Water Environment Federation (WEF), American Water Works Association (AWWA), and the International Water Association (IWA).  He has actively participated in various committees at a national level including InfraGuide Best Practices for Wastewater Treatment Plant optimization. Susheel strives for effective and sustainable management of wastewater and biosolids in an environmentally friendly manner.

Shawn Rowe, ing., is a professional engineer with over 8 years experience in municipal and process engineering design. He has lead the design of numerous water/wastewater treatment facilities and pumping stations. He was lead process design engineer for the Amherst WWTF (2014 Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Engineering as presented to Dillon Consulting Limited). He plays an active role. In the Atlantic Canada Water and Wastewater Association and presently serves as director of education. In his current role as the Operations Engineer of Wastewater and Stormwater Services for Halifax Regional Water Commission he leads the Wet Weather Management Program. 

Résumé de la conférence

Like many municipalities and utilities across North America, Halifax Water’s sanitary sewer system is subject to dramatic flow increases in response to precipitation events. The Halifax Water Wet Weather Management Strategy was developed to effectively manage the impacts of wet weather generated flows within the sanitary sewer system. The program was developed around the core principle of keeping extraneous flows out of the sanitary sewer system.  This presentation will overview program development and summarize the current pilot program.

Halifax Water maintains approximately 1,000 km of wastewater sewers, 300 km of combined sewers, and 172 wastewater pumping stations. Based on age, historical construction practices, maintenance, number of connections as well as other factors, there is significant opportunity for Infiltration/Inflow to enter the wastewater system. The program intends to systematically identify opportunities to employ wet weather management strategies to volumetrically reduce the quantity of sanitary sewer that is collected, pumped, and treated.

I/I contributions can be grouped into two contributing areas: Public Infrastructure (Mains, laterals up to the property line, etc) and Private Infrastructure (laterals from property line up to and including connections within buildings). There are a number of challenges when dealing with either of the primary contributing areas and specific strategies must be employed.  The program employs a variety of strategies to reduce wet weather impacts such as pipe condition assessments, CIPP, sewer separation, flow monitoring, illegal connection investigations, public communications and modeling.

The benefits of reducing the volumetric wet weather flow include a reduction in untreated discharges to the environment, reduction of effluent excursions at WWTFs, reduction in O&M costs, and an increase in available system capacity. In the near term, a number of pilot sewer sheds have been selected to mature the program. The program is long term in nature (>25 years) and will continue to evolve over time.


Susheel ARORA-Shawn ROWE
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