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The self-assessment tool resilience of water assets in a changing climate aims to help municipalities conduct diagnostics to identify vulnerable water assets. The tool assesses the resilience of water assets to hazards such as Heavy Rainfall, Storms and Drought. Once the tool is completed, a draft roadmap is created and links to practical worksheets are provided.

The self-assessment tool is one of the three outputs of the project, along with a Best Practices Guide and a Guidance Sheets. 

The guide and the tool will soon be the subject of a training course.

It is available free of charge to anyone who creates an account on our website or logs in.

A French version is also available.

Table of contents

1.    Tool overview

2.    Glossary

3.    Respondent information 

4.    Hazards

a.    Heavy precipitation
b.    Drought
c.    Storms

5.    Assessment

6.    Links to technical fact sheets 

a.    How to use the technical guidance sheet 
b.    Index of guidance sheets 
c.    Technical guidance sheets

This initiative was made possible thanks to the financial contribution of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) through the Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP), which is administered and funded by the Government of Canada.



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Resilience - Self evaluation tool
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