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Todd Grafenauer, Murphy Pipeline Contractors

Congrès INFRA 2017

4 au 6 décembre


Todd Grafenauer is a recognized proponent of trenchless technologies throughout North America.  For over 17 years he has supported static pipe bursting, slip lining and Swagelining projects across North America through consulting, design and construction.

Résumé de la conférence

As communities across North America face the challenges of aging medium and large diameter water transmission and sewer force mains, Swagelining has been proven as a technology that can add remarkable value for replacement.  The method reduces customer impact including the reduction in social and environmental impact of construction.  

The Swagelining technology was developed over 30 years ago by British Gas in conjunction with United Utilities.  The method specifies High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe with an outside diameter larger in size than the inside of the host pipe to be renewed. After the HDPE is butt fused to correspond to the pull distance, the pipe is pulled through a single reduction die immediately before entering the host pipe. This reduces the HDPE pipe temporarily below the I.D. of the host pipe allowing it to be inserted. While the towing load keeps the HDPE under tension during the pull, the pipe remains in its reduced size. The HDPE remains fully elastic throughout the reduction and installation process. As the liner pipe is not permanently deformed by Swagelining, the release of the towing load after insertion is the catalyst for the liner to revert back towards its original size. 

The resulting compressive tight fit of the HDPE maximizes the final internal diameter, allowing greater flow over the slip lining process.  Pull lengths up to 1.5 km can be achieved, with diameters from 4 mm to 1980 mm.  The new HDPE pipe provides a design life of over 100 years.

Multiple municipal case studies will be presented. 


Swagelining to Replace Large Diameter Mains
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