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Organized by the Centre for Expertise and Research for Infrastructures in Urban Areas

Founded in 1994, CERIU is a non-profit organization that works together with civil engineering experts to develop knowledge and know-how in the field of municipal infrastructure. CERIU provides municipal officials with an unbiased, credible source of expertise, through its collaboration with partners in the corporate, municipal, association, university and government spheres.
The centre’s website ( features a wealth of information, including practical guides, specifications and tips, to help users make enlightened decisions based on best practices. CERIU also organizes events and specialized technical training sessions.

Selection Committees

Conference proposals will be evaluated by the co-chairs of the organizing comittee M. Martin Gaudette Director of Laval City

  • M. Richard Frenette, Brodeur Frenette
  • M. Alexandre Vézina, Stantec Expert-conseils Ltée
  • M. Jean Carrier, ing., Ville de Montréal
  • Mme Caroline Verreault, ing., MAMH
  • M. Driss Ellassraoui, ing., Ville de Laval
  • Mme Françoise Bichai, Polytechnique Montréal
  • M. Gilles Rivard, Lassalle / NHC
  • M. Normand Hachey, ing., Ville de Montréal
  • M. Christian Pelletier, ing., Ville de Québec
  • Mme Hélène Bourdeau, Ville de Laval
  • Mme Mélanie Boutet, ing., Ville de Québec
  • M. Stéphane Trudeau, ing., Bitume Québec
  • M. Félix Doucet, ing., Ministère des transports du Québec
  • M. Samuel Lépine-Thériault, ing., ACRGTQ
  • M. Claude Couillard, ing., ambassadeur du CERIU
  • M. Claude Duplain, Ville de Saint-Raymond
  • Mme Nathalie Lasnier, ing, Tubécon
  • Mme Nathalie Moreau, Info-Excavation
  • Mme Irène Cloutier, Ville de Montréal
  • M. Marc Olivier Deschamps, Brodeur Frenette
  • Mme Lila Touahria, Ville de Montréal
  • M. Jean Bélanger, ing., Polytechnique Montréal
  • M. Alain Charron, Ville de Montréal
  • M. Jean-Luc Martel, ETS
  • M. Alexandre Baker, Ville de Québec
  • M. Samuel Lépine Thériault, ville de gatineau
  • Mme Galarneau, Ville de Laval
  • Mme Nadia Tizliouine, ville de Québec
  • M. Denis Bordeleau, Bell
  • Mme. Hala Gebrine, ville de Mont Royal
  • Mme. Flavie St-Pierre, ville de Québec
  • Mme Isabelle Danis, ACRGTQ
  • Mme Catherine Lavoie, CERIU
  • Mme Celia Abbas, ing.,M. Ing, CERIU
  • Mme Maéva Ambros, ing., M. Ing, CERIU
  • M. Raphael Meurine, CERIU
  • Mme Salamatou Modieli Amadou, ing., M. Ing., PMP, CERIU
  • Mme Anaïs Desmarest, CERIU
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